The Gallery development is situated in a prime location along the sea front in down town Limassol. The development has been designed to act as a gateway in the wall of existing eight storey buildings that line the seafront along the Molos Promenade. The Gallery introduces a new high level bridge that allows the public to flow easily from the city to the sea and back. This new connection passes through a vibrant open air plaza that helps to celebrate the newly opened historic Cultural Centre that faces the site. 

To announce this new gateway a 120m high tower fronts the site accommodating office and residential floors all with wide ranging views of the sea. The tower is topped by a spectacular rotating restaurant and lounge bar that is accessed via panoramic lifts from the plaza below.

Client: Askanis Group
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Type: Mixed-use
GFA: 25,000 m²
Status: On going

Celebrity EDGE Pool Deck 2
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