Minthis Hills is a unique luxury contemporary residential neighbourhood set in an exceptional natural environment. The Masterplan reflects the client’s desire to develop a unified and integrated resort with a strong sense of community. Minthis Hills draws its core identity from the distinctive character of the Tsada Mountains and the natural physiology and forms of plants; it is laid out with hierarchies branching off from a main stalk, reducing in scale until they culminate at individual homes. It integrates the 500 villas and clusters into the landscape, nestling them within the natural contours of the land to protect the hilltops and ridges. 

The organic arrangement optimises the views, frontage and privacy of each residence while providing ample space for the golf clubhouse and amenities which form the heart of the resort.

Client: Pafilia
Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Building Type: Residential and Leisure
GFA: 100,000 m²
Status: Ongoing

WKK Minthis Hills View East.jpg
WKK Minthis Hills Concept Ref.jpg
WKK Minthis Hill-View North.jpg
WKK Minthis Hill-View South.jpg
WKK Minthis Hills Loop6.jpg
WKK Minthis Hills Loop2.jpg
WKK Minthhis Hills Site Plan 1.jpg
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WKK Minthis Hills Loop6 Street.jpg
WKK Minthis Hills Loop 2 Street.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins