The House


The heart of the house is the grand foyer. This ground floor double-height space provides a visual connection with the different sections of this floor (two guest bedrooms and two studies on one side; the living-dining-lounge room and kitchen in the other side) and with the first floor of the house. This, along with the skylights and huge floor to ceiling windows, allows huge amounts of light to enter the home and allows uninterrupted views of the landscaped gardens.

The main inspiration for the project was to bring landscape into inner spaces. The windows allow the existing trees and garden to act as the external walls of the dwelling.  Vertical gardens have been placed inside the house in order to increase the feeling of being in touch with landscape and natural light. At the same time, the design let cross ventilation in the main levels. The main functions have been placed facing South.

The first floor follow the same pattern of the ground floor but just with four bedrooms as the main function of this level.

CH-Cam B-1200.jpg

The Pool House



The pool house is amazing. The pool itself is on the first floor and is covered by a floating rood with patterned ETFE glazing. Next to the main pool is a spa pool and there are lots of plants inside. Outside there is a terrace for parties. The elevated pool gives fantastic views of the garden.  Below the terrace is a fully-equipped gym and rooms for spa treatments. On the ground floor there are five guest accommodation suites each with their own bifold doors which open to allow access to the garden. 

The pool house is really really great. Are there enough words yet to take up a nice amount of space? Maybe there should be a few more sentences. Here are some words. I like all the Quality Street things apart from the toffee ones because they are boring and stupid.



The Site


A Grand Lawn
B Pool House Lawn
C Main House driveway
D Pool House driveway
E In/out basement car park
F Rose Garden
G Tennis Court
H The Maze
I Japanese Garden

The Design Process