Client: Confidential
Location: Tanzania, Africa
Type: Safari Lodge
Status: Not realised

A series of safari lodges designed for an idyllic site deep in the Serengeti. The building materials were sourced from the surrounding savanna and mountains, blending the lodges seamlessly into the landscape. The intention was to create a truly sustainable set of buildings where it would be possible (with the aid of solar energy) not to rely on the wider resources of the earth to make the structures habitable. Simple, traditional construction methods were chosen with the notion that if the lodges were left abandoned they would crumble back into nature with little residual impact.

Hunting Lodge_C003.jpg
Hunting Lodge_C004.jpg
Interior Design by AndieSign

Interior Design by AndieSign

Hunting Lodge_S007.jpg
Hunting Lodge_C001.jpg
Musabi  Hills_C012.jpg
Musabi  Hills_C010.jpg
Musabi  Hills_C002.jpg
Musabi  Hills_C001.jpg
Musabi  Hills_C011.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins