Winner FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Bali Congress Awards 2010

Regatta Apartments, Jakarta is a dynamic but uncomplicated concept with a nautical theme. The cluster of apartment buildings represent elegant yachts departing for distant locations on the cardinal points of the compass thus creating the best possible views of the waterfront for each phase of the development which is intended to become a landmark on the Pantai Mutiara Canal Estate when viewed from land, air or sea. The composition is also structured to suit the client’s strategy for each phase of the project to be developed in stages.

Regatta Apartments was formally acclaimed with a Prix d’Excellence, awarded by the International Real Estate Federation – FIABCI. ‘Regatta, The Icon’ was awarded the Bali Congress Award by an international panel of top real estate professionals and experts, at a ceremony held during FIABCI’s annual world congress held in Bali in 2010. The project stood out for its conception, innovation and high standards that embodied excellence in all the disciplines involved in its creation.  

Client: Badan Kerjasama Mutiara Buana
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Type: Luxury Apartment Towers
GFA: 299,515 m²
Status: Built - Phase 1 (4 Towers) 
On Site - Phase 2 (3 Towers)

WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 16.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 15.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 18.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 17.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 7a.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 6.jpg
WKK Regatta Apartments Jakarta 8.jpg
Pantai Mutiara Development_FP001.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins