Redefining the cruise industry with the largest and most spectacular cruise liner in the world

Client: Royal Caribbean International
Location: At Sea
Type: Cruise Liner
Status: Launched

At 360m long and 65m high Oasis of the Seas is the largest Cruise Liner in the world, expanding from a remarkable 45m beam at the waterline to over 65m wide on the upper decks. It boasts 2,700 staterooms, providing the capacity for 5,400 guests at full occupancy.

The design team was asked from the outset to look at the overall concept of the vessel and then as the design developed they took responsibility for a range of key elements of the ship including the iconic open air Central Park, the new super sized Royal Promenade that sits below it, and the Rising Tides bar that moves between the two.

Oasis of the Seas_C028.JPG
Oasis of the Seas_C027 copy.jpg
Oasis of the Seas WKK 1.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_S009 copy.jpg
OASIS Concept Central park copy.jpg
RCCL Oasis Of The Seas WKK 20.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_FP025.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_C031.jpg
rci_oasis_centralpark143 copy.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_FP020 copy.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_C036 copy.jpg
Oasis of the Seas_C035.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins