Client: A. Neocleous Holdings Ltd
Location: Limassol, Cyprus
Building Type: Mixed Use
GFA: 10,000 m²
Status: Ongoing

The project is a mixed-use landmark tower including offices, retail, a Euro-Mediterranean alternative dispute and resolution centre, one luxury apartment, a business club and four-storey automatic car parking. The new offices will connect directly with open public spaces to offer a new spatial experience, to encourage social interaction and communication throughout the company. Each floor will exploit the inherent advantages of the coastal location and capture the sea views. The project incorporates large terraces facilitating maximum enjoyment of the outdoor Mediterranean life style.

WKK Architects Neocleous tower SKx2.jpg

The tower design was inspired by its unique location. The brief was mainly driven by the Limassol climate and the breathtaking sea views. For most of the tower spaces to enjoy sea views the service core and circulation had to be sited at the rear of the building. The shallow footprint maximises the potential for natural day lighting and ventilation, with a double skin façade which protects the most exposed sides of the building and satisfies fundamental criteria for BREEAM or LEED. A steelwork design solution was deemed the most suitable response to the plot size, the slender building and the basement parking layout.

Due to the small and compact nature of the site it was desirable to reduce the building footprint to offer a friendly approach and provide the neighborhood with accessible open space.

WKK Neocleous tower Vx2 Day.jpg
WKK Neocleous tower V2 B&T.jpg
WKK Neocleous Tower Arch Diag.jpg
WKK Neocleous Tower Facade.jpg
WKK Neocleous Tower Stuct Diag.jpg.jpg
WKK Neocleous Tower MEP Diag.jpg.jpg
WKK Neocleous tower Vx2 Night.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins