Client: Royal Caribbean International
Location: At sea
Type: Cruise Liner
Status: Built

This project involved the stretching of the RCCL cruise liner Enchantment of the Seas by cutting it in half and inserting a 22m long mid section. The design team was commissioned to create the upper pool deck, which contains an additional pool with associated bars and children’s play zone.

The new 15 storey high section weighed 2,666 tonnes and was constructed in Finland then floated 800 km across the Baltic and North Seas to Rotterdam where the ship was dry docked cut in half and the new section welded into place.

The modification was completed in 28 days and the new lengthened ship was back in service fully fitted out in 6 weeks. The design won the 2006 Shippax Award for Cruise Sundeck.

Enchantment of the Seas WKK V4.jpg
Enchantment of the Seas WKK v5.jpg
Enchantment of the Seas_WKK V1.jpg
Enchantment of the Seas WKK V6.jpg
Enchantment of the Seas WKK V2.jpg

Designed by Wright, Khennouchi and Kuruvilla whilst working at Atkins