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Tom Wright BA Hons, Dip Arch Kingston, RIBA. Director

Tom is a UK qualified architect with over 30 years experience. During his 21 years as Director of Architecture in Atkins he spent 5 years living in Dubai as Design Director for the Jumeriah Beach Resort Development where he designed the world renowned Burj Al Arab Hotel, staying with the project during its construction phase. Following his return to the UK in 1998 Tom and his team have developed an international reputation for producing exciting designs that are unique as well as practical and affordable. His wide portfolio includes hotel and leisure projects, residential and office buildings, mixed use developments, masterplanning, waterpark theming and cruise liners. On October 1st 2013 he left Atkins, along with two other key design directors, Hakim and Geku, to set up WKK, a dynamic new force in global architecture!

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Hakim Khennouchi Dip Arch EPAU. Director

Hakim is a multi award winning North African qualified Architect whose main expertise lies in the residential, offices, hotel/leisure, urban design and masterplanning sectors. He has 24 years experience since qualifying, for the last 13 years as a Design Director at Atkins, leading significant high profile developments. Hakim grew up in Algeria, and lived and worked in France before crossing the channel to England; multilingual, he enjoys bringing a rich cultural mix to the design process. With a global portfolio encompassing Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Far East, he promotes an integrated design approach across all disciplines to deliver sustainable, practical and exciting design solutions. His commitment to added value, combined with a strong focus on realising the client’s vision, ensures the prioritising of high quality design.


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Geku Kuruvilla George BArch AIIA. Director

Geku qualified as an architect in India and since then has 25 years experience working in a wide range of projects with emphasis on design and quality of product in the hotel, leisure, residential, retail and office sectors. Geku was a Design Director at Atkins before co-founding WKK and has been involved with an exciting global portfolio of award winning architectural work across 15 countries. Geku met and worked with Tom on the Burj Al Arab Hotel Development in Dubai from 1996, then moved to England in 2000 where along with Tom and Hakim he developed the international architectural business at Atkins. As a design director, he strives to constantly redefine the art of the possible through concepts that challenge the brain and excite the heart across different cultures and climate.


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James Worthington BSc (Jt Hons) BLD CMLI. Associate Director

James is an award winning Chartered Landscape Architect with over 20 years experience in the UK and overseas, and a particular emphasis on residential, office, leisure and masterplanning projects. After qualifying in the UK, James lived and worked across the Far East before returning in 2002, to work with Tom, Hakim and Geku on their exciting portfolio of international projects, and will now continue to do so with WKK. Originally trained as an ecologist, James always promotes his strong values on sustainability, biodiversity and urban living integrating them with his commitment to the client’s vision, quality design and achievable solutions. 

Paul Moreira Dip Arch, ARB. Associate Director

Paul is a UK qualified Architect with 20 years of design experience in a wide range of private and commercial projects that include hotel & leisure, retail, commercial, mixed use and residential developments. He has been instrumental in the design of many innovative buildings across a variety of project environments, from Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Inspired at a young age by the architectural icon 'The Sydney Opera House', he started his Architectural training in Sydney, Australia. Later transferring to Lisbon Portugal, where he worked for 10 years. In 2004 Paul moved to the UK where he joined the International Design Team in Atkins and worked alongside Tom, Hakim and Geku. Now as an Associate Director in WKK he will continue to inspire the team with his passion for design excellence and his enthusiasm to find new and exciting solutions for the built environment