This “landmark” Tower in excess of 400 metres tall sits in lush landscaped gardens with dramatic water features and incorporates office accommodation, together with a conference and business centre. A medium-sized Mall complex adjacent to the Tower offers an anchor store, luxury retail units and a food-court above which a further 4 storeys of high-quality VIP Office accommodation offer independent and exclusive working space. The entire project sits over two storeys of basement car parking.

A contemporary mosque with its round shape and sharp minaret occupies a prominent position within the mall; it offers two levels of praying for the shoppers, office staff and other visitors.

With a sweeping curve on one side, the Tower is anchored by two robust legs, which stretch skyward up its straight side, vanishing to a point. This unprecedented dynamic shape makes it instantly recognisable. The office component hovers above a 50M high atrium offering a spectacular space for gathering, meetings and exhibitions. The new tower will offer both local and international companies modern and flexible office spaces. Two external funicular lifts transport guests to a panoramic restaurant at the top of the tower.

Access for both vehicles and pedestrians has been carefully considered so as to optimise the flow around the tower ensuring a safe environment for all users of the building.

Client: Sheikh Salah Al Rajhi
Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Building Type: Mixed Use
GFA: 96,000 sqm
Status: On hold

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