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Client: Sustainable Growth Investments

Location: Batumi, Georgia

Type: Mixed Use Tower Development

GFA: 51,490sqm

Status: Not Realised

The design of the Ad Astra Tower takes inspiration from the soaring watchtowers seen in the unspoiled north-eastern region of Georgia.

The 250m high tower accommodates boutiques, a multipurpose events hall, a 140 room 5 star hotel, offices, penthouse apartments, a sky restaurant and a champagne lounge.

The white concrete diagonal grid structure on the exterior of the building carries vertical loads in its inclined members which also create a triangulated system that braces the building against horizontal loads (such as wind). This exterior structural skin, which enhances the form of the building, simplifies the structure within it and thereby increases the flexibility of the accommodation layout.

Analysing the balance of light and shade, the depth of overhangs and integrating louvers in the diagonal grid structure ensures that solar gain is controlled, which in turn enables the building to use low energy environmental control systems.

Ad Astra (towards the stars) Tower will make for a seminal addition to the skyline of Batumi, with the Astra Star Heliport at the crown of the tower ensuring that it will be an instantly recognisable landmark.